Pick up your phone to connect to the support you need right from your couch or kitchen table!  Join our tele-support group to talk with others across Alberta about living with Parkinson disease.


  • Learn up-to-date information regarding Parkinson disease
  • Find out about resources available in your area
  • Share common experiences, issues and solutions
  • Ask questions in a safe environment
Our tele-support group takes place via a conference call the 3rd Thursday of every month from 10:00AM - 11:00AM.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2017
For September, Christene Gordon & Brenda Hill with Alzheimer’s are the special guests during the tele-support group discussion.  This session will provide education on Alzheimer’s, what are the symptoms and treatment, & what types of support/programs are available.  PLUS, you will learn what the correlation is between Dementia and Parkinson Disease.  This session will help offer further insight for people living with Parkinson disease and the care partners/givers to understand what the dynamics are having Parkinson disease with Dementia.      

Please register by 4:00PM on Tuesday, September 19th by calling 1-800-561-1911. 


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